ITDR automation tool

The most complete recovery suite. Costs, recovery, and touchpoints are reduced. Plan Recover without interruption and enable compliance reporting automatically. Few-click workflows for actions and failovers. Risk Assessment Incident Management/ Notifications
No appliances, agents, scripts, or vendor lock-in. Shift your data and applications to the cloud of your choosing with confidence. No interruption to output during installation at the recovery site. Take calculated business risks with real-time BIA and TIA. Support any Cloud, OS, Mainframe, CI/HCI, Open Systems, Public Cloud, etc.
Recovery workflow execution in parallel, protected by a patent. Automated workflows that integrate easily with third-party platforms. Automation of all IT layers: Operating Systems, Database, Application, Network, Storage, and Replication. One simple, agile solution saves time, resources, and money while making scaled task management easier and faster.